Wi-fi SMP is a solution including Authentication (EAP SIM / AKA & non-EAP SIM), Billing, Fixed Ports, Location Services, User Analysis, Mobile Applications and Mobile Core Integration. The solution is divided into 3 functional planes including: Management Plane, Control Plane and Data Plane. Wi-fi SMP is of high compatibility and well supports innovative business models as well as values when used for telecom operators and smart cities.


Low cost for transmission infrastructure

Latest tech solution with the Plug ‘n’ Play feature, enabling fast and convenient deployment with available fixed broadband network

No cost for traffic aggregation equipment

Flexible for fast scalability and expandability; reduces investment and operating costs


  • Allows managing APs (Access Points) by region and different levels (multi-tenants)
  • Manages and monitors alerts (Alarms and Events from devices) and system performance (CPU, FAN, RAM, number of online users)
  • Manages APs on digital maps (device location by region)